Professor Les Lusk

Computer Programming & Analysis
Seminole State College

A Little about me...

Professor Lusk in Utah
Professor Lusk at oxbow on the Colorado River outside of Page, Utah

Les Lusk is a graduate of Seminole State who has been developing Web properties via his Web consulting company for the past 17 years.  Les worked as contract employee at Seminole State developing Web sites for the Career Programs Division as well as spearheading the development of the first WebCT (online) courses at the college.

He currently is the Associate Director of Web Development at Seminole State College and oversees the Web properties and custom Web applications at the college.  Les' background includes professional experience in graphic design, music and networking.  He was a technical consultant for a book on HTML from Pearson Educational Publishing as well as an XHTML textbook from Addison/Wesley.

Les teaches courses, both online and in the classroom, in Web Programming I & II and Data-driven Web Sites.  When he's not surfing the Internet, developing Web sites and applications or teaching, Les enjoys electronic music, photography, basketball, legos, working on his homeschooling Web site ( and hanging out with his wife and two sons.