Here are some helpful links for College Algebra.

Be sure to visit the web site that goes with your textbook.
Prentice Hall has an excellent calculator help site.
If you need algebra help, step by step:
Visual Calculus has a great site for many algebraic topics. This link is to the algebra home page and then listed below I have links to specific topics.
Here is an excellent site with additional help on a wide variety of college algebra topics.
Drills on domains of functions
Piecewise defined functions
Even and odd functions
Shifting, stretching, and reflecting
The Discriminant
Polynomial functions
Transformations of functions
Composition of functions
Exponential functions
Inverses of functions
Graphing parabolas
More examples on graphing parabolas
A review of logarithms
Additional help with exponential and logarithmic functions
Handouts, mostly on the TI graphing calculators, but also 1 on factoring by AC method

Online Problems for demonstrating some topics using dpgraph

Supplement: Reciprocal and Squared Reciprocal Functions

Exercise Set for Supplement: Reciprocal and Squared Reciprocal Functions
Odd Answers for Supplement: Reciprocal and Squared Reciprocal Functions


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