Here are some helpful links for Calculus I.

Go to to find free access to worked out solutions to odd exercises in both the 8th ed. and the old 7th ed. You can also purchase a hardcopy of the solutions manual at this site. There is a Chat Room for additional help but it has a fee of $25 for 18 Months.
Be sure to visit the site that goes with our textbook.
At the HOTMATH site you can look at free solutions to problems in exercise sets from a wide variety of mathematics textbooks including Calculus by Larson, Hostetler, Edwards, sixth edition.  Many of these exercises are identical to those in the seventh edition.  They now have solutions for chapters 1 - 6 and 85% of chapters 7 - 12 for the seventh edition.
Prentice Hall has an excellent calculator help site.
HMC Mathematics online tutorials
Limits and Continuity
Secant Lines Approaching the Tangent Line
Epsilon-Delta Proof Drill Problems
Epsilon-Delta Exploration
Algebraic Computation of Limits
Drill Evaluating Limits
Continuity of Piecewise-Defined Functions
Derivatives by Visual Calculus
Drill-Definition of Derivative
Drill-Product Rule: Note some of these will be covered in later chapters.
More Drill-Product Rule
Drill-Quotient Rule
More Drill-Quotient Rule
Drill-Chain Rule
Online step by step differentiator
   This resource will allow you to enter the function and it will show you how to compute the
   derivative step by step.
Implicit Differentiation
Implicit Differentiation and Tangent Lines
Related Rates: Demos
Related Rates
Related Rates:  Examples
Tutorial on Absolute Extrema
Absolute Max and Min Drill
Optimization (max-min) Problems:  Examples
Functions: Increasing, Decreasing
Drill-First Derivative Test
Drill-Concavity and Inflection Points
Vertical Asymptotes
Horizontal Asymptotes
Rational Functions
Drill on Integration: Please be aware that some of these drill problems we have not covered yet.
Integration Using Substitution: Omit # 1 and 6 for now.
Differentiation of exponential and logarithmic functions
Handouts, mostly on the TI graphing calculators
Online Problems for demonstrating some topics using dpgraph
Differential Equation Solution Grapher complete with direction field


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