Here are some helpful links for Intermediate Algebra.

Prentice Hall has an excellent calculator help site.
Here is an excellent site with additional help on a wide variety of Intermediate Algebra topics.
If you need algebra help, step by step:
Extra practice on polynomials
Here is another link for additional interactive practice with polynomials

Here is a link to a vast variety of topics covered in Intermediate Algebra

Direct and Inverse Variation
Here is a link to an Seminole State instructor site.  This site contains links to examples and PowerPoint presentations regarding topics in the course.
Quadratic Equations practice worksheet
Rational Expressions practice worksheet
Highlights of Solutions to Intermediate Algebra Practice (Final) Exam Form WC
Here are several links to sites for additional help with intervals and interval notation:
Link 1            Link 2             Link 3               Link 4                  Link 5


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