Eden Donahou

I began teaching in 1987 and came to Seminole State College in 2003 after earning my Graduate degree from Cambridge College.  My educational journey started right here at Seminole State where I completed my AA degree.  With that in hand, I went on to UCF and attained my Bachelors.  At Cambridge I completed both my Masters Degree in Mathematics Education along with a Specialist certification in Mathematics Remediation.  The brains processing of mathematical learning has led me towards the pursuit of a doctorate in Applied Neuroscience.

In my spare time I enjoy learning new things, traveling to new places and sharing experiences with my family.  I am blessed with 5 multi-talented children and an inspirational husband. 

I consider it an honor to teach at Seminole State College, giving me the opportunity to positively impact the next generation of students.  The realization that one can effectively, efficiently and eloquently pass along both the mathematical understanding and the love of knowledge, energizes me to be the best that I can be.  “Your best is good enough!”











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