Lane Vosbury is the longtime Seminole State College mathematics department chairman who now only teaches as he approaches retirement.  He teaches mostly algebra, calculus, and differential equations.  He is a sports fan (no longer plays) and collects vintage baseball cards.  He enjoys art, poetry, doing math, collecting antiques, programming his graphing calculator and creating other math demonstrations, flowers, and being at home.  A year spent in South Vietnam with Chicago sculptor Dean Langworthy changed him (another Langworthy sculpture).  During the 1960's and 1970's he wandered about North America in an old Chevy van occasionally going to school, teaching, painting landscapes and people, writing poetry, and working at activity centers and camps (including Camp Challenge) for the physically handicapped.  He arrived at Seminole State in December, 1987.  He now lives on three secluded acres on Lake Geneva with his loving wife, two dogs, inside cat and three outside cats, and two finches (the old picture, much grayer now, was taken between two aviaries at home when we had over 200 finches).  He is better at making things with his computer than with his hands.  He loves teaching.








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