Martha Goshaw comes to Seminole State (August 2000) after teaching for 25 years at Piedmont Virginia Community College in Charlottesville, VA. She is a native of West Virginia, having received her BS degree in Math from West Virginia Wesleyan College and her MS degree in Math from WVU. She also has an EdS degree from the University of Virginia and has completed all the coursework for a doctorate in Math Education. 

     At Seminole State Martha teaches all courses in the calculus sequence from College Algebra through Differential Equations. She also teaches Statistical Methods I and Concepts of Calculus. Her philosophy of teaching includes using appropriate technology to actively involve her students in the learning process and exploring realistic data using models. She enjoys the history of mathematics and is quite involved in a number of professional mathematics organizations. She is currently President of FTYCMA.

     When not in her office or classroom at Seminole State, Martha enjoys spending time swimming, reading, and walking. New to Florida, she and her new husband also like to travel and see new things. She enjoys singing and is an active member of her church choir. Martha has 3 children (2 in FL, 1 in VA), a stepson in PA, and six grandchildren (2 in FL, 1 in WV, and 3 in PA).


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