Hiram A. Malaret currently teaches college algebra, precalculus algebra, trigonometry, and calculus level courses at Seminole State. His early interest in the physical sciences quickly led to an equally strong interest in mathematics; an interest which had a pronounced influence his academic and professional life. After serving in the US Army (mortars; yes, an application of ballistics) he attended the University of Puerto Rico at MayagŁez where he completed a B.S. in Mathematics with a strong Physics background. In fact, his first teaching assistantship was as a physics lab instructor supporting the Physics for Engineering courses. After obtaining a M.A. in Mathematics from the University of Miami, he received a commission in the US Navy, serving first as an instructor at the US Navy Nuclear Power School, and later in various supervisory and technical management positions in submarine and surface ship construction, maintenance, and repair programs. During this time he went on to complete a graduate program at MIT obtaining M.S. degrees in both Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. After a time in industry, he returned to what he has always found to be the most rewarding of professions, teaching.







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